SA Celebrities at IVPush

IV Infusions (also known as IV Cocktail Therapy) have most certainly been a hot topic in the last few months! With celebrities, international and local, jumping on the band wagon to support the treatment as their go-to to maintain their a-list looks and the hectic demands of being a celebrity, it’s no wonder patients around the world are becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of the treatment.

What does IV Cocktail Therapy entail exactly?

Simple, it’s a 15 minute IV Infusion of a “cocktail” of vitamins that are directly infused into the bloodstream – bypassing the digestive system is the main advantage of IV nutrition. There is no downtime at all and patients can resume normal daily activities afterwards.

So who’s having IV’s?

We’ve had Khanyi Mbau at Lightsculpt Clinic for Skin Brightening and Hair | Skin | Nails IV infusions. She’s had over 10 treatments each and is simply loving her results!

Judith Sephuma has been visiting us to get her NeoBoost IV infusion. The NeoBoost IV increases energy levels and helps burn fat while on the NeoShape Programme.

Most recently we had Bioty Thulo visit us and try our new IVGlow infusion. She loved the results and enjoyed the added energy boost that has this IV getting lots requests by our regulars!