Khanyi Mbau tells us how she gets her glowing skin – at Lightsculpt!

We have spent a very long time carefully formulating and developing our new PureGlutathione Cream and L-Glutathione Capsules to bring you the perfect skin brighter glow combination and ultimate add on to our SkinLight Glutathione IV Infusions.  We shared our PureGlutathione Cream and L-Glutathione Capsules with Khanyi Mbau and here’s what she had to say after using them:

“Many woman have been asking me how I boost my glutathione IV’s to work faster and show quick results, although I have been in glutathione for years now, I have found some thing that has cut my session into half but still maintains my complexion and makes my glow brighter… Lightsculpt has come up with a formula that has mastered the stabilization of Glutathione in the system allowing to stay longer and work faster..

Introducing PureGlutathione AND L-Glutathione tablets… Thank me later.. call them now…. my skin is no secret…” – Khanyi Mbau.

Due to the high demand for these products at Lightsculpt & IVPush Infusion Bars we are extending our offer of 20% off your first SkinLight IV for the first 100 people to try our new PureGlutathione and L-Glutathione Capsules. PureGlutathione Cream and L-Glutathione Capsules available at Lightsculpt & IVPush Rosebank, Bedfordview and Umhlanga. Book your consultation with your Lightsculpt & IVPush Doctor now!