An Intravenous Solution

Our IVPush Branches

Europe’s fastest growing wellness trend is finally here, the Intra-venous revolution. IV PUSH has fast become the trusted brand in South Africa for signature infusions for weight loss management, skin lightening, immune boosters, and skin rejuvenation treatments. Our strength is anchored in the trade-mark signature name and logo which is synonymous with our treatments.

Founded on the principles of wellness through drips, IV PUSH along with its team of medical experts re-invented the traditional IV infusion to bring a range of tailored IV Drips for the South African market. Using internationally recognised treatment guides, formulas designed and tailored in the USA, and product ingredients from the top Pharmaceutical companies, the verdict was immediate! Health conscious customers loved the choice and results offered in our treatments. IV PUSH’s success in delivering fast, healthy products to its patients is due to its distinctive benefits, quality products and professional friendly staff. We continue our “hands on” involvement with our IV PUSH owners, operators, and staff to ensure our mission of offering fast, effective, and healthy IV Infusions is maintained and continually improved.