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Khanyi Mbau tells us how she gets her glowing skin – at IVPush & Lightsculpt!

Khanyi Mbau tells us how she gets her glowing skin - at Lightsculpt! We have spent a very long time carefully formulating and developing our new PureGlutathione Cream and L-Glutathione Capsules to bring you the perfect skin brighter glow combination and ultimate add on to our SkinLight Glutathione IV Infusions.  We shared our PureGlutathione Cream and [...]

Shades of Pale

Shades of PaleOne of the most controversial topics in aesthetic medicine in South Africa today is the trend of skin bleaching and lightening. Unfortunately, many patients have not been educated on the differences of these procedures, creating a huge amount of uncertainty – while making way for illegal products to infiltrate the market. Dr Alistair [...]

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IV Push – PureGlutathione Skin Lightening

IV Push - PureGlutathione Skin Lightening We've been getting a lot of attention lately! IVPush has been getting mentioned in local media quite a bit these days from an article in The Star to being interviewed on 702... The news is spreading about our PureGlutathione Skin Lightening IV infusions. So why all the hype? Celebrities [...]

Introducing the NeoBoost IV Infusion

Introducing the NeoBoost IV Infusion NeoBoost is the latest innovation in intravenous technology to help burn fat and provide added vitamin support whilst on the Neoshape Prestige Program. Weekly IV Infusions containing our special weight loss cocktail and added vitamins are administered to help boost results of the Neoshape Programme. BOOK NOW [...]

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Skin Lightening and Brightening – PureGlutathione IV Infusion

PureGlutathione IV Infusion at IVPush IV infusions for the treatment of skin pigmentation, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and melasma. If you’re unhappy with the shade of your skin or have skin pigmentation issues, then a skin lightening procedure could be for you. This procedure involves an intravenous infusion of two main active ingredients (glutathione and [...]

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Feeling a Little Tired of the Year Already? We Can Help…

Feeling a Little Tired of the Year Already? We Can Help... Isn’t it funny how everyone always starts the work year off with a big bang, they’re all gung-ho and have every genuine intention of getting stuff done. Then the colder months start to knock on our door and we all of a sudden [...]

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