Introducing the NeoBoost IV Infusion

Introducing the NeoBoost IV Infusion NeoBoost is the latest innovation in intravenous technology to help burn fat and provide added vitamin support whilst on the Neoshape Prestige Program. Weekly IV Infusions containing our special weight loss cocktail and added vitamins are administered to help boost results of the Neoshape Programme. BOOK NOW [...]

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Feeling a Little Tired of the Year Already? We Can Help…

Feeling a Little Tired of the Year Already? We Can Help... Isn’t it funny how everyone always starts the work year off with a big bang, they’re all gung-ho and have every genuine intention of getting stuff done. Then the colder months start to knock on our door and we all of a sudden [...]

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SA Celebrities at IVPush

SA Celebrities at IVPush IV Infusions (also known as IV Cocktail Therapy) have most certainly been a hot topic in the last few months! With celebrities, international and local, jumping on the band wagon to support the treatment as their go-to to maintain their a-list looks and the hectic demands of being a celebrity, it's no [...]

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The SuperImmune IV – A Vitamin Craze!

What is IV Infusion Cocktail Therapy? Also known as the Immune Booster IV, Intravenous (IV) Cocktail Therapy is a method of feeding vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances directly into the bloodstream. Bypassing the digestive system is the main advantage of IV nutrition. When substances are given orally they must be processed through the stomach and [...]