IV Push Solution 4 4 1024x479 - Anti-Viral IV

Anti-Viral IV


ANTI-VIRAL IV is there to help boost your immune system to help you combat the symptoms of colds and flu, fight fatigue and improve vitality.

IV Push Solution 2 2 1024x479 - Pure Glutathione - IV Glow

Pure Glutathione – IV Glow

IV infusions for youthful, glowing skin

“IV Push has come up with a formula that has mastered the stabilisation of Glutathione in the system.” – Khanyi Mbau

IV Push Solution 6 5 1024x479 - Pure Glutathione - Pigmentation

Pure Glutathione – Pigmentation

The ultimate formula for faster absorption

IV infusions for the treatment of skin pigmentation, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and melasma.

IV Push Solution 3 4 1024x479 - IV Man

IV Man

Male strength and vitality IV infusion

IVMan is designed for the 25-hour day man. Designed specifically for added athletic performance and endurance, rapid muscle recovery and fatigue, mental awareness and focus, and libido enhancement.


IV Push Solution 1 4 1024x479 - Pure Energy IV

Pure Energy IV

IV infusions for an energy boost

If you’re feeling a bit tired or need to recover from the night before, this IV is certainly for you.