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Anti-Viral IV


The COVID-19 viral pandemic left us highly concerned about our health and well-being and with this challenge came an innovation within the IV Push research and development department to develop a treatment that can help protect our patients from viral infections.

ANTI-VIRAL IV is there to help boost your immune system to help you combat the symptoms of colds and flu, fight fatigue and improve vitality. The combination of vitamins and powerful antioxidants get you feeling your best again.

If they do contract a viral infection, decrease the severity of the infection. This drove us to develop our new ‘Anti-Viral’ intravenous infusion.

After a year of development in conjunction with world authorities in IV infusion treatments, we can now release our scientifically backed and innovative Anti-Viral intravenous infusion.

The foundation of this intravenous infusion is the specifically compounded high dose vitamin C which has been shown in numerous scientific studies and literature to be highly beneficial for preventing the severity of viral infections.

Please Note

IV Push Intravenous Treatments are designed and administered by registered Doctors; beware of imitations. Always insist that your Doctor administers your IV for health, safety, and optimal treatment results.


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